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Keynote speakers of the Brucknerfest from 1977 to 2012

Armin Thurnher is the Keynote Speaker at the 2012 Bruckner Festival

“By the way …
... I believe that the Brucknerfest should continue to be staged.”

This statement of opinion, one that Linz audience members can certainly be expected to hold, begins the festival with a play on the words with which Armin Thurnher, editor-in-chief of the Viennese city paper “Falter,” concludes his weekly lead column in that publication: “By the way, I believe that the Mediamil complex should be broken up.”

These words, themselves a variant of Cato’s famous line “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam,” made Thurnher, a native of Bregenz born in 1949, famous far beyond Vienna’s city limits. By way of elucidation: “Mediamil” is a portmanteau word made up of Mediaprint and the magazines of the NEWS Group.

Armin Thurnher, the featured speaker at the opening of this year’s Bruckner Festival, undoubtedly has more to say than ever in times like these. His profession is journalist and his passion is music, which makes him an ideal interlocutor. Thurnher is known as an outspoken opponent of the so-called turning point coalition that took over the reins of Austria’s government in 2000. He’s a leftist who refuses to toe any party’s line. In his keynote address (in German) entitled “The Catastrophe of the Public Sphere. A Speech in Defense of Public Speech” he’ll express in no uncertain terms his opinion of the political scene as well as the media landscape.

Pictures of the keynote speakers from
1977 to 2011

Friedrich Heer
1977, Friedrich Heer
Gerhard Klingenberg
1978, Gerhard Klingenberg
Werner Hofmann
1979, Werner Hofmann
Ernst Krenek
1980, Ernst Krenek
Anton Neumayr
1981, Anton Neumayr
Rolf Liebermann
1982, Rolf Liebermann
Fritz Hochwälder
1983, Fritz Hochwälder
Erwin Ringel
1984, Erwin Ringel
Werner Schneyder
1985, Werner Schneyder
Hilmar Hoffmann
1986, Hilmar Hoffmann
Erich Fried
1987, Erich Fried
Milo Dor
1988, Milo Dor
Eric J. Hobsbawm
1989, Eric J. Hobsbawm
Franz König
1990, Franz König
Axel Corti
1991, Axel Corti
Franz Welser-Möst
1992, Franz Welser-Möst
Eduard Goldstücker
1993, Eduard Goldstücker
Peter Turrini
1994, Peter Turrini
Erika Weinzierl
1995, Erika Weinzierl
Klaus Maria Brandauer
1996, Klaus Maria Brandauer
Hildegard Hamm-Brücher
1997, Hildegard Hamm-Brücher
Horst-Eberhard Richter
1998, Horst-Eberhard Richter
Erika Pluhar
1999, Erika Pluhar
Karl Heinz Böhm
2000, Karl Heinz Böhm
Dr. Theo Sommer
2001, Dr. Theo Sommer
2002, Said
Dr. Peter Huemer
2003, Dr. Peter Huemer
Dr. Anna Mitgutsch
2004, Dr. Anna Mitgutsch
Prof. Dr. Anton Zeilinger
2005, Prof. Dr. Anton Zeilinger
Ari Rath
2006, Ari Rath
Univ. Prof Dr. Konrad Paul Liessmann
2007, Univ. Prof. Dr. Konrad Paul Liessmann

2008, Renan Demirkan

2009, Robert Menasse
Elfriede Hammerl
2010, Elfriede Hammerl
Ludwig Adamovich
2011, Ludwig Adamovich

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