Brucknerhaus Linz Titeltext-Grafik

Brucknerfest Linz


September 15 to October 6, 2013

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Release level by October, 2012. Modifications possible.

The Idea

Following the opening of the Brucknerhaus in 1974, the establishment of a very special musical festival was the next logical step.

Keynote Speakers from 1977 to 2012

Armin Thurnher will be keynote speaker
of the Brucknerfest 2012

Armin Thurnher, the featured speaker at the opening of this year’s Bruckner Festival, undoubtedly has more to say than ever in times like these. His profession is journalist and his passion is music, which makes him an ideal interlocutor ...

View photo gallery of the Opening of Brucknerfest 2011

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