Great Hall | Bruckner Saal

Who once sat in this hall, will not forget it. Acoustic brilliance, architectural perfection and elegant atmosphere - the Great Hall is the heart of the Brucknerhaus. Here, the Vienna Philharmonic played the opening concert, conducted by Herbert von Karajan.

Performance in Perfection

The Grand Hall, also known as Brucknersaal, does not miss its famous name giver in terms of impressive performance. The most beautiful concert hall on the Danube offers 1540 guests; thereof 1440 seats and 100 standing places.

The seats are distributed over 21 rows in the parquet floor and three possible additional rows (ABC), as well as five seat rows, which are located on the gallery. But not only the impressive dimension of the diversity of different seating places leaves a huge impression during a concert visit, especially the stage of the Bruckner's hall is breathtaking. With an area of 200m2 and space for up to 220 contributors, it draws all the stops of a modern concert hall.

Sonorous Details

Another highlight of the Bruckner Hall is the organ, which has 4224 pipes and 51 registers. This masterpiece of the instrument was made by a Dutch company.

The special acoustics of the hall are made up by the wood cladding. The wood thickness is at least 6 cm and the different structure of the wood directs the sound. In addition, the sound is distributed by hanging aprons. The reverberation time of 1.7 seconds is also an impressive reference for a modern concert hall.

In the hall there are 66 points of train with a load capacity of 250kg each, 4 extendable step pylons, 2 stage lifts. The performance of the lifts is considerable. Thus, the orchestra lift is 29m² in size and has a load capacity of 4t and a lifting height of 8.5m. The piano lift measures 19.5m2 and has a lifting force of 2t and a lifting height of 8.8m.

In a nutshell: The Great Hall of the Brucknerhaus is a building highlight, which not only impresses with impressive figures, but above all with acoustic excellence.