Mathilde Kralik von Meyrswalden, Hedda Wagner, Frida Kern, Helga Schiff-Riemann
Fr 8 Sep 18:00
City Centre Linz
Linzer Ladies

Four city walks followed by short concerts in the footsteps of four Linz women composers

Name a composer from Linz! In most cases, the choice would probably fall on the namesake of the Brucknerhaus Linz. But what about female composers? Anyone who wants to investigate this question will be rewarded from September 5 to 8 with the discovery of four fascinating female artists, each of whom has left her own mark on the Upper Austrian capital. Four city walks followed by short concerts, each devoted to the work of one of Linz's composers, invite you to follow their footsteps in the literal sense of the word. The life of Mathilde Kralik von Meyrswalden, who was born in Linz, will be explored, as will that of Hedda Wagner, who worked as a journalist, writer, composer and music teacher in Linz. The quartet is completed by Frida Kern, who moved to Linz with her family as a small child and later enjoyed success throughout Europe as a composer and conductor with her all-female orchestra, and by Helga Schiff-Riemann, the granddaughter of music theorist Hugo Riemann and mother of cellist Heinrich Schiff, who taught at the music school of the city of Linz in addition to her work as a music journalist and composer.


Mathilde Kralik von Meyrswalden (1857–1944)

Hedda Wagner (1876–1950) 

Frida Kern (1891–1988)

Helga Schiff-Riemann (1924–2004)


Students of the Anton Bruckner Private University