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Sa 5 Sep 10:00
City Area Linz & Pasching
Sound installations

Following the motto of the 2020 Linz Bruckner Festival, three composers and a visual artist grapple creatively with the concept „Controversy“ and present the results for discussion in the form of three sound installations in public spaces. The young German composer and conductor Oscar Jockel, the winner of a competition for organ composition organised by the the Anton Bruckner Private University and the Brucknerhaus, who was subsequently commissioned by the Brucknerhaus to write a series of organ compositions in the season 2020/21, will bring the Taubenmarkt to musical life, aiming to raise the awareness of each listener to their own acoustical perception(s).

The Upper Austrian composer Helmut Rogl and the sculptor Ludwig Haas, who works primarily with iron and steel, are creating an installation for the Promenade Galleries which will draw its controversial potential from the meeting of sound and sculpture. With the exceptionally versatile composer Tanja Brüggemann, who comes originally from Linz and studied with Adriana Hölszky and Tristan Murail, we will be experiencing fascinating and unfamiliar sounds and projections in the PlusCity. As you will hear: the Bruckner Festival is (almost) everywhere!

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Oscar Jockel (* 1995)

in the Taubenmarkt in Linz

Helmut Rogl (* 1960) and Ludwig Haas (* 1947)

in the Promenade Galeries in Linz

Tanja Brüggemann (* 1970)

in the PlusCity in Pasching