It has become quiet again in the country's cultural institutions. However, with our "BRUCKNERzHAUS" series you can easily bring the Brucknerhaus into your home: great musicians and unique sounds help to bridge the time until the next live concerts can take place!

Between May and July we invited several artists to the Brucknerhaus, not only to bring their music to the outside world, but also to ask them a few questions that are now more relevant than ever:

  • How are they dealing with the current situation?
  • What can still be done - and is being done - in the current crisis?
  • Have things come to a deadlock or is there an explosion in creativity?
  • And what does this mean for the audiences and fans?
In the first video with Brucknerhaus intendant, Mag. Dietmar Kerschbaum,  the artistic director of the LIVA will reveal more about this concept.

Episode 1 - mg3 (Martin Gasselsberger Trio)

The members of the Martin Gasselsberger Trio (mg3) communicate with each other in an extraordinary way, making the familiar palpable at every turn. The spectrum ranges from feather-light instrumental pieces to soul/jazz improvisations.

At the age of 15 Martin Gasselsberger had already discovered his love of jazz. Today he ranks among the best jazz pianists in Austria. His Trio mg3 is the result of a cooperation lasting 18 years, in which the musicians have found their way into the heart and soul of their companions in an extraordinary way. The synergy of the ensemble playing can be felt in every number, and the musicality is intoxicating.

Episode 2 - Ensemble Castor

The Ensemble Castor awakens early music to new life with an extraodinary intensity of expression and unbelievable artistic differentiation. The Ensemble Castor was founded in 2010 by the violinist Petra Samhaber-Eckhardt and has devoted itself primarily to Baroque chamber music for strings, composed between 1600 and 1750. The players from Linz beguile their audiences with their passion, technical mastery and sensitivity to sound.

The Ensemble Castor makes regular appearances at prestigious European festivals, and its CD recordings are highly praised. In the video we meet the core members of the ensemble: Petra Samhaber-Eckhardt (violin), Philipp Comploi (cello) und Erich Traxler (harpsichord).

The Castor Ensemble moves majestically around the orbit of Early Music, shining as brightly as the star which gives the group its name. 


Episode 3 - Martin Riccabona

Martin Riccabona, custodian of the Brucknerhaus organ and prizewinner at many competitions, has put together a fascinating programme for the BRUCKNERzHAUS fans. Although he is only 27 he has already made a name for himself as an organ virtuoso.

Martin Riccabona brings the impressive tonal range of the large and unique Brucknerhaus organ directly into the living rooms of Brucknerhaus audiences.

The organist, who comes from Tirol, has made an intensive study of instrument making and possesses great expertise in organ construction. He also works as a consultant in organ-building projects, including the recently completed concert organ for the Brucknerhaus.


Episode 4 - CrossNova

The violinist Sabine Nova from Bad Ischl and the pianist Rainer Nova from Linz, together with their chamber music ensemble CrossNova, bring playful, unconventional sonorities and forms in their new arrangements directly into the living rooms of the BRUCKNERzHAUS audience. The standard formation of violin, clarinet, bassoon and piano is comparable in its instrumental ranges to the classical piano quartet, though this particular combination of instruments remains for the time being unique - a sound-collective of highly differentiated individuals.

Inspired by a variety of contemporary trends yet anchored firmly in the classical European tradition – the ensemble CrossNova goes its own way with sounds that fascinate and delight.

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