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The International Brucknerfest Linz 2022 invites the public from 4 September to 11 October 2022 to go on a search for traces under the motto "VISIONS - BRUCKNER AND THE MODERN AGE": In its fifth edition under the artistic direction of Dietmar Kerschbaum, one of Austria's most important classical music festivals is thematically coming full circle on its journey of discovery through the cosmos of Anton Bruckner's life and work.

After Bruckner's students, who were the focus in 2021, this year's attention will be directed towards new musical worlds, the modernity of the Linz composer and his influence on posterity. Surprises are inevitable, astonishment is not excluded and excitement is guaranteed, because in addition to the familiar, many new things are waiting to be played, heard and loved: Fascinating orchestral concerts with great conductors, prominent chamber music evenings, audience favourites and superstars, choir and church concerts, danceable (Bruckner) beats at an unusual venue, a scientific symposium, musical rarities, fantastic sound effects and magical musical highlights that will thrill. The International Brucknerfest Linz 2022 offers all this and much more to the audience with around 33 events!



The International Brucknerfest Linz 2022 will bring undeniable masterpieces as well as fascinating exceptional talents to the stage and provide amazing insights into musical elective affinities. Look forward to a journey of discovery through the cosmos of Anton Bruckner's life and work, which will make the modernity of the Linz composer and his influence on posterity audibly comprehensible.

Music of the future - in the truest sense of the word, such as Anton Bruckner's Symphony No. 5 in B flat major (14 September) - which was already outside its time when it was written, but also music for future generations will find its stage. Works by dedicated Bruckner admirers will be performed and show Bruckner's influence on the composing world of the future: Jean Sibelius, Richard Wetz, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Heinrich Kaminski, Paul Hindemith, Karl Amadeus Hartmann, Dmitri Shostakovich, Krzysztof Penderecki, Alfred Schnittke, Arvo Pärt and Arnold Schönberg are just a few of the composers in whose works Bruckner's influence is clearly recognisable, even if some of these names are not (or no longer) so familiar today.

But this fact is no reason for the team of the Brucknerhaus Linz not to pay attention to great composers, quite the contrary: the Brucknerfest has made it its task to make the unknown known, to discover the new, to surprise, to amaze, occasionally perhaps to irritate, but above all to inspire. Two names, Heinrich Kaminski and Richard Wetz, will be considered with a small focus in the programming from 4 September to 11 October; after all, these two composers dealt intensively with Bruckner.

Like hardly any other, Richard Wetz, for example, succeeded in directly linking his work to Bruckner's tonal language, as you can see for yourself in several concerts of the International Brucknerfest Linz 2022. The special musical aesthetics of Heinrich Kaminski, who was ennobled as a legitimate successor to Bruckner and as a genius because he "opens the view to new lands", but who was equally criticised that his string quintet "belong[ed] to the strangest that our time has produced", can also be discovered on several occasions.

With great attention to detail, the Brucknerfest 2022 is dedicated to a whole series of Bruckner's successors and shows his special impact on the generations that came after him. The magic that emanated from Bruckner is also made clear by many statements made by composers about his person: for example, he is described as a "compositional idol", the "greatest living composer" and the "master of the symphony". It is precisely this love for Bruckner and his works that the International Brucknerfest Linz 2022 will illuminate, make comprehensible and audible: "I can't even talk about Bruckner any more, because I don't have any words to say how great and sublime I think this art is," is just one of the many quotes that exist about Anton Bruckner; in this case it comes from Richard Wetz.

Christian Thielemann © Matthias Creutziger
Chouchane Siranossian © Nikolaj Lund
Franz Welser-Möst © Roger Mastroianni


Exceptional violist Nils Mönkemeyer (4 September), the internationally acclaimed Latvian star violinist Baiba Skride, audience favourite and principal conductor of the Bruckner Orchestra Linz Markus Poschner (11 September, 5, 6 and 11 October), maestro Vasily Petrenko (15 September), star conductors Christian Thielemann (14 September) and Franz Welser-Möst (16 September),  the internationally successful baritone Ludwig Mittelhammer and his renowned accompanist Helmut Deutsch (20 September), the internationally acclaimed Fauré Quartet (23 September), the jazz star and keyboard overachiever Thomas Enhco (24 September), the young Russian pianist Dmitry Shishkin (25 September) or the pianist legends Martha Argerich and Lilya Zilberstein (28 September), conductor Eugene Tzigane (30 September and 1 October) and the unanimously acclaimed cello shooting star Christoph Heesch (5 and 6 October) or the conducting and composing rising star Oscar Jockel (11 September) are just some of the great stage stars you can look forward to at the International Brucknerfest Linz 2022.

BrucknerBeats: Party with danceable beats

Bruckner's solitary position, which Nikolaus Harnoncourt attested to in an interview when he said that Bruckner literally "exploded into music history" like a "meteor", will be celebrated by the young, beat-loving BrucknerBeats audience on 7 October in a special and unusual way. Gernot Kremser and Bernd Himsl, the Posthof DJ team, will hunt for the remnants of the Bruckner meteor in current club music and show that Bruckner and danceable beats are not a contradiction in terms, but also that Bruckner and techno have more in common than one would expect due to the additive arrangement of short motifs and the rhythmic structuring of the musical material. Before that, Pierre Henry's Comme une symphonie, envoi à Jules Verne for loudspeaker orchestra will be presented at the Tabakfabrik Linz power plant, which contains quotations from all of Bruckner's numbered symphonies!

Sound Art: Brucknerfest goes Flashmob

The International Brucknerfest Linz 2022 will once again take its programme and the works of Anton Bruckner to public places in the centre of Linz from 5 to 9 September, in order to attract attention, to whet the appetite for a concert and to invite you on a journey of discovery through the cosmos of the life and work of its namesake. Be curious to see where and when Bruckner's music will be heard and what will be created. A flash mob full of sounds, colours and art awaits the public, naturally with free admission. Under the title Klang-Kunst (Sound Art), artists will create visual art in public spaces under the impression of Bruckner's sounds.

To the sounds of Anton Bruckner's five symphonies, which will be performed at the International Brucknerfest Linz 2022, works of art from five genres will be created in public space. The artists (students of the University of Art and Industrial Design Linz) will have as long to create each work as the music of the symphony movement assigned to them lasts.

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Fauré Quartett © Tim Klöckner
Panting A. Bruckner © Huber - Wien | bearb.Terri Frühling
Minetti Quartett © Julia-Wesely
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