Junges Brucknerhaus

Our new mini.music and midi.music stars Antonella, Pepp and a detective whose name still remains a secret love music and want to learn about instruments and music and solve sound puzzles.


mini.music (3+)

Our new mini.music stars Antonella and Pepp love music, are funny and both enjoy going to the Brucknerhaus Linz! Together with the young audience they want to get to know instruments and music. Numerous exciting stories and fascinating artists await the young audience at the Brucknerhaus Linz and want to ignite their desire for musical discovery.

mini.music concerts


midi.music (6+)

For the midi.music series, starting in the 2021/22 season, a detective whose name is still a big secret, with extraordinary musical talent, will be on hand to collect clues and track down sound puzzles. He will solve four musical riddles, scrutinise tones and notes and listen very carefully to big orchestral sounds.

midi.music concerts

Junges Brucknerhaus

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