The Linzer Klangwolke 21 presented by Sparkasse Oberösterreich and LINZ AG in 2021 is themed PANTA RHEI. PANTA RHEI is ancient Greek and means "everything moves, everything flows" and describes that everything is in ceaseless motion. This year's director is none other than Robert Dornhelm, who, together with Christoph Engel and Roman Kariolou, will make the Donaupark tremble with cinematic performances and sounds on 11 September.

Illusion or reality after all? Klangwolke visitors are invited to ask themselves this question on 11 September at 8:30 p.m. in the Donaupark Linz, to surrender to the fantastic musical underwater worlds and enchanting sound experiences of PANTA RHEI and to immerse themselves in the flow of life! At the Linzer Klangwolke 21, which this year bears the ancient Greek title PANTA RHEI, sound becomes image - and vice versa. Under the overall direction of star director Robert Dornhelm, sound and film merge into a fully composed work of art in seven acts, including an overture, a finale and a gigantic cinematic soundtrack.

Musical instruments not only provide the sound, but also set the scene.  Sounds emerge and fade away, provide impulses by finding a visual counterpart in light and video projections. In this way, the Linz Klangwolke 21 also picks up on the motto "Bold Impulses" of the International Brucknerfest Linz 2021.


With powerful images, visuals staged by star director Robert Dornhelm and co-director Christoph Engel, specially composed music, an exciting cinematic soundtrack by Roman Kariolou - and recourse to Heraclitus - PANTA RHEI becomes the theme of Linzer Klangwolke 21: because everything flows, everything is in motion, everything is in constant transformation! Klangwolke fans can look forward to a "Klangwolken orchestra" that also brings great film music into play or a drum ship that juxtaposes cinematic illusion and reality! Big cinematic soundtrack, light and laser staging, a huge cinematic projection screen and thus an oversized cinema screen will crown the Linzer Klangwolke 21. Filmic episodes (edited by Klaus Hundsbichler) using the latest animation technology (Dockyard - creative production studio vienna, Georg Blume, Marcos Medvedov) are an essential part of the extraordinary scenery. 

Light and projection reinforce and complement the interplay of rhythm and dance: Frank Lischka, internationally successful light designer, will once again use fascinating lighting effects to ensure that reality merges with illusion at PANTA RHEI.  At the moment, after months of preparation, a Klangwolken symphony of its own is being created in the sound studio, consisting of extraordinarily exotic sound worlds, mighty drums from all over the world, struggling cellos and harmonious harp sounds.


Feature films, television documentaries, historical epics, multi-part productions, opera productions and much more - Robert Dornhelm is one of the most versatile directors in the world. A Golden Globe nomination, two Emmy awards, the Golden Romy for best director and a sensational Oscar nomination for Children of the Theatre Road, in which Grace Kelly acts as narrator, are among the successes of the international star director. Robert Dornhelm has made more than 100 documentaries, film greats such as Klaus Maria Brandauer, Ben Kingsley, Lauren Bacall, Dennis Hopper and Omar Sharif or opera stars like Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazón have worked with the director of the Linzer Klangwolke 21, who holds Austrian and US citizenship. Now he brings spectacular images, cinematically staged highlights and plenty of Hollywood flair to Linz and the Linzer Klangwolke. In close collaboration with the award-winning film composer on the road to success, Roman Kariolou, who is considered an exceptional musical talent and was once celebrated as a child prodigy on the violin, Dornhelm - in cooperation with co-director Christoph Engel - will conjure up a superlative Linz Klangwolke.

Roman Kariolou is composing a commissioned work: a gigantic, unique and cinematic soundtrack to PANTA RHEI. His most successful projects include victory anthems for the Winter Olympics in Turin, numerous official anthems and signatures for major events such as the FIFA World Football Gala and many award-winning film compositions.

The unusual choreography makes a significant contribution to this year's open-air spectacle in Linz's Donaupark: Choreographer Akemi Takeya will create incomparable live images with dancer Zoé-Afan Strasser and performer Evandro Pedroni, and Silke Grabinger together with Cornelia Aitzetmüller will create fascinating aerial choreographies that invite you to marvel.

Joel von Lerber on harp, Liina Leijala and Teodora Miteva on cello, Reinhard and Anna-Maria Flatischler and Aleksandra Šuklar (percussion) will provide breathtaking sound experiences. The well-known Austrian writer, musician and storyteller Michael Köhlmeier lends his voice to the production. Members of the Linz Music School and the Naturfreunde Linz will complete the impressive production together with Linz movement extras.  You can look forward to a fantastic backdrop and a spectacular stage design, creatively realised by Jacob Schaefer (most recently engaged for the stage design at Klangwolke 2019) and his team from aufgemoebelt KG, when musical instruments such as the harp and a drum ship rise up out of the Danube and acrobatic cellists emerge from the river. With great attention to detail and flowing elements, Anna-Sophie Lienbacher has created costumes that are reminiscent of the underwater world like foaming waves.

Let's dive into the river of life and let ourselves be enchanted!  


Panta Rhei © LIVA

The leading team of the Linz Klangwolke 21:

Staging: Robert Dornhelm & Christoph Engel
Musical direction/composition: Roman Kariolou
Arrangement: Johnny Bertl
Light Design: Frank Lischka
Stage design: aufgemoebelt KG/Jacob Schaefer
Costume design: Anna-Sophie Lienbacher
Choreography: Akemi Takeya (Drum Ship), Silke Grabinger (Aerial)
Artistry: Silke Grabinger, Cornelia Aitzetmüller, Elias Buttinger-Choi
Production: Team LIVA/Brucknerhaus Linz

Percussion: Reinhard Flatischler, Aleksandra Šuklar, Sebastian Riener, Gabriel Vogelauer, Anna-Maria Flatischer
Flute: Anna-Maria Flatischler
Violoncello: Liina Leijala, Teodora Miteva
Harp: Joel von Lerber
Recitation: Michael Köhlmeier
Dance Drumship: Evandro Pedroni, Zoé-Afan Strasser

Members of the Linz Music School and the Naturfreunde Linz will complete the impressive production together with the movement extras.

Film scenes
Editing: Klaus Hundsbichler
Creative advice & art direction: Dockyard - creative production studio vienna, Georg Blume, Marcos Medvedov



In order to let the diverse impressions of the Linzer Klangwolke 21 properly reverberate, we invite all Klangwolke visitors to join us at the LINZ AG Nachklangwolke from around 9:30 pm until late into the night in the Donaupark.

The cult band Russkaja will provide the right sound. 


Linzer Klangwolke 21 complies with the regulations and guidelines of the Austrian Federal Government in force on 11 September 2021 in order to guarantee the greatest possible safety for the audience, the artists and all employees of LIVA and Linzer Klangwolke 21. 

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