International Bruckner Festival Linz 2018

In March 1974 the Brucknerhaus in Linz was opened with a concert performed by the Vienna Philharmonic under the guidance of Herbert von Karajan. In the very same year the International Bruckner Festival Linz took place for the very first time and has since become one of the most important music festivals in Austria. Visitors of the festival enjoy mostly classical music performances with internationally renowned conductors, soloists and orchestras.

From 2018 the Bruckner Festival will put special emphasis on Bruckner’s oeuvre & influences and consistently start on his birthday on September 4th in Ansfelden where Bruckner was born on that day in 1824, and end with the anniversary of his death on October 11th in St. Florian.

Each year the International Bruckner Festival Linz will be devoted to a new theme, in order to discover Bruckner’s artistic personality step-by-step. The theme of the year 2018 is „Bruckner and Tradition“, focusing on those composers who had a lasting influence on Anton Bruckner’s works. Therefore, all concerts performed in the course of the International Bruckner Festival will have a direct or indirect relation to Anton Bruckner, be it that he had listened to the music himself or that it had encouraged or inspired him in one way or another.


The „Klangwolke“ (Soundcloud) has been a flagship event since 1979, transmitting concerts from the Great Hall of the Brucknerhaus into the Danube Park. Later it developed into the „Visualisierte Klangwolke“ (“Visualized Soundcloud”) which was not related to the concerts in the Brucknerhaus anymore but was an independent major event on the banks of the Danube. Today there are 3 “Klangwolken” – the Vizualized, the Classic and the Soundcloud for children.

Linz, the Bruckner-city

The Upper Austrian Anton Bruckner spent important years of his life in Linz. The purpose the Bruckner Festival 2018 is to increase the public awareness of Linz being the Bruckner-city. Not least because of the Bruckner-year 2024 when the music world is going to celebrate the composer‘s 200th birthday.

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