Brucknerhaus Linz - Sitze im Großen Saal © Rita Newman
Brucknerhaus Linz - Sitze im Großen Saal © Rita Newman


Classical KLANGWOLKE 2021



The Linz Bruckner pupil Mathilde Kralik von Meyrswalden

"I was born on 3 December 1857 in Linz on the Danube. My father Wilhelm Kralik von Meyrswalden was a glass manufacturer [...]. I owe my musical sense and love of music to my father and mother. [...] After we moved to Vienna [...] I became a private student of Professor Julius Epstein for piano. He took a serious interest in my compositions and advised me to continue my training with Anton Bruckner for counterpoint, whose lessons I enjoyed privately for a year until I entered the composition school of the Vienna Conservatory in October 1876."

With these words, a dazzling personality in turn-of-the-century Vienna introduced himself in an autobiographical note dated 19 October 1904. Her Violin Concerto in D minor from the 1930s as well as her Symphony in F minor, which was composed in 1942 by reworking a symphonic work composed almost 40 years earlier and premiered in Prague in 1904, show the Bruckner pupil to be a composer with an independent tonal language. The all-female Female Symphonic Orchestra Austria under the direction of its founder Silvia Spinnato is joined for the violin concerto by the violinist Francesca Dego, who is in demand worldwide, and for the symphony by the organist Magdalena Hasibeder, also from Linz, as well as the internationally celebrated soprano Jacquelyn Wagner, in order to jointly take up the cudgels for an important composer from Linz.

Saturday, 18 September 2021, 7:30 pm
Brucknerhaus Linz, Great Hall


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Klassische Klangwolke 21
Silvia Spinnato © Fabio Parenzan