Immerse youself in the world of the stars, experience at first hand the playing of world-class orchestras in the largest Austrian concert hall outside Vienna, let the stunning sound get under your skin – and be a part of musical history, a chapter which began with the star conductor Herbert von Karajan. And all this on the „beautiful blue Danube“ ... in the Brucknerhaus Linz.

The Main Hall

Excellent acoustics, the best seating comfort for 1,470 enthusiastic guests and a stage on which Herbert von Karajan conducted the Vienna Philharmonic. By far the most beautiful concert hall on the blue Danube. Anyone who has ever sat in this hall will never forget it. Acoustic brilliance, architectural perfection and elegant atmosphere - the Great Hall is the heart of the Brucknerhaus. This is where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra played the opening concert, conducted by Herbert von Karajan.

The seats are distributed over up to 22 rows of seats in the stalls and three possible additional rows (ABC), as well as five rows of seats located in the gallery. But it is not only the impressive dimension of the variety of different seats that leaves a tremendous impression on a concert-goer; above all, the stage of the Great Hall is breathtaking. With an area of 200 m2 and space for up to 220 performers, it pulls out all the stops of a modern concert hall.

Sonorous structures

Another highlight of the Main Hall is the new organ, which was built by the Vorarlberg company Rieger Orgelbau in record time in summer 2018. The special acoustics of the room are due to the wooden panelling. The thickness of the wood is at least 6 cm and the different structuring of the wood directs the sound. In addition, the sound is dispersed by hanging aprons. The reverberation time of 1.7 seconds is also an impressive reference figure for a modern concert hall.

In the auditorium there are 66 point hoists with a load capacity of 250 kg each, four retractable step podiums and two stage lifts. The capacity of the lifts is remarkable. The orchestra lift, for example, is 29 m² in size and has a lifting capacity of four tons as well as a lifting height of 8.5 metres. The piano lift has an area of 19.5m², a payload of two tons and a lifting height of 8.8 metres.


To sum up:

The Main Hall of the Brucknerhaus is an architectural gem, which has the decisive advantage of combining excellent statistics with outstanding acoustical properties.


Brucknerhaus Linz - The Main Hall © Reinhard Winkler
Brucknerhaus Linz - The Main Hall © Reinhard Winkler

the Middle Hall

The Middle Hall has been the starting point of many a great career. Here, up to 304 people, spread across up to 15 rows of chairs, listen to lively chamber music. A hand-woven carpet by the Korean artist Anne Tredjan on the back wall of the stage is a 350 kg and 42 m2 symbol of the interculturality of the house.  Sisal was woven with silk to create this masterpiece.

A versatile room

Whether it's a business academy, a piano recital or an artist's birthday party on a small scale - the Middle Hall can be played in individually without ever losing acoustic quality. The stage can be individually adapted according to requirements, as can the seating arrangement - in cinema form, with conference tables or as a dance floor. The functionality of the room is manifold.

A separate foyer with a fully equipped bar also makes it possible to hold events here in an exclusive setting.

Brucknerhaus – The Middle Hall © Reinhard Winkler
Brucknerhaus – The Middle Hall © Reinhard Winkler

The Small Hall

Those who value exclusivity and events on a small scale should book the Small Hall. The room is also suitable for receptions or selected performances.


Elegant exclusivity

The smallest concert hall in the Brucknerhaus, the Kepler Hall, has seating for 100 guests and can be divided into three sections. A window facade opens onto the 2nd floor with a striking view of the illuminated buildings on the Danube.

Lounge furniture can be used to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere for exclusive events, lectures, background discussions or receptions.    

The Small Hall also has an immediately adjacent catering kitchen and an integrated screen.


At the Brucknerhaus, we make sure that our events are equally accessible to all concertgoers, which means that we also meet the requirements of physically and sensory impaired concertgoers - as far as the requirements of the listed building allow.

Wheelchair spaces and inductive hearing system

The wheelchair lift at the side entrance (east) leads to the upper foyer and provides access to the halls. The wheelchair lift at the main entrance (west) provides access to the sanitary facilities. In addition, there is a regular passenger lift to the side of the BRUCKNER'S restaurant to reach the 1st floor. There are up to 10 wheelchair places in the main and middle halls, as well as sufficient places for accompanying persons.

Furthermore, the Brucknerhaus is equipped with an inductive hearing system. In the Great Hall (including the Gallery) and the Middle Hall, wearers of hearing aids can follow the performances with perfect clarity and without interference. Hearing quality may be impaired at guest events.



The most beautiful concert hall on the Danube is also available to rent. We will be happy to advise you on which room is suitable for your event. Or would you like to book the entire Brucknerhaus Linz? No problem! We will also be happy to provide you with the appropriate technology, qualified staff and other services.

For detailed information on prices and free capacities for rentals and guided tours, please contact Mr. Harald Hechwartner at +43 732 7612 2202 or harald.hechwartner@liva.linz.at