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The Linz event management company LIVA has been working for over 50 years on behalf of the City of Linz, combining under one roof nationally prominent centres of competence in culture and sport, such as the prestigious Brucknerhaus concert hall on the Danube, the Posthof, legendary „Temple of Contemporary Culture“ at the harbour, the children´s cultural centre Kuddelmuddel and the multifunctional TipsArena. As a leading institution LIVA has therefore played a significant role in shaping life in and around the Upper Austrian provincial capital.

A number of top-ranking highlights such as the International Bruckner Festival, the spectacular Klangwolken in the Danube Park, the Linz Kleinkunstfestival, the Ahoi! Pop Festival or the AIMS-certified, 5-star „European Athletics Quality Road Race“ Linz Danube Marathon are inseparably linked to the success story that is LIVA.

Brucknerhaus Linz

Its location in the Danube Park, its timelessly elegant architecture, and above all the excellent acoustics of its two concert halls, make the Brucknerhaus in Linz one of the most attractive concert venues in the world. Opened in 1974 by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra under Herbert von Karajan, it provides a superb setting for distinguished orchestras, conductors and soloists from all around the world. In addition to stars from the international classical music scene, the Brucknerhaus is also a regular guest venue for national music stars, and offers talented young people the opportunity to acquire their first important musical experiences.

The International Bruckner Festival Linz, which is organised by the Brucknerhaus, takes place annually from September 4, (Bruckner´s birthdate) to October 11 (the date of his death). The Brucknerhaus is the major venue. The visualised Klangwolke, a major event in the Bruckner Festival, often incorporates theatrical performance.

However Brucknerhaus events are certainly not restricted to classical music. Around 180 of its own events are put on each year, and they cover a diversity of themes, including jazz, world music, readings and a wide range of concerts for children and young people. Guest promoters enrich the programme with ballet and musical performances, folk concerts and much more. BRUCKNER´S Restaurant, run by the DoN group, has been catering for the culinary wellbeing of concert-goers since autumn 2018.

Brucknerhaus Großer Saal © Reinhard Winkler
Concert in the Main Hall © Reinhard Winkler


Built in 1750 for Linz posthorse stabling, this historic area in the harbour district was carefully revitalised as a cultural centre in 1984, and was then enlarged by a modern extension in 1990. Today Posthof – Contemporary Culture at the Harbour presents annually up to 250 one-off events in music, dance, theatre, small cultural projects and literature on its 3 indoor stages. Each year it attracts an audience about 100,000 making it one of the largest and most vital centres of contemporary culture in Austria.

Positioned as a "local supplier" for national and international stars as well as a promoter of the regional young talent scene, the artistic management often bundles the annual programme around key themes such as "Heimspiel" (young Austrian artists), "TanzTage" (dance, performance), "Linzer Kleinkunstfestival" (cabaret, comedy), the "Lautstark!" music contest (band competition) or the "FrischLuft" summer programme in the outdoor area. (band competition) or the "FrischLuft" summer programme in the outdoor area.

The space on offer comprises two fully-fledged, independent building units with three event halls for up to 1,200 people, which can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements. The most recent addition is the open-air stage positioned on the north-east (rear) side of the main building for up to 2,000 standing or 900 seated guests. The bar-café-restaurant "Posthof-Beisl" (with adjoining, beautiful guest garden) rounds off the overall cultural experience.


The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child stipulates that every child must be provided wirh appropriate and equal opportunities for cultural and artistic activities. The team at the Kinderkulturzentrum Kuddelmuddel has therefore set itself the task of offering access to cultural events to children between the ages of 1.5 and 14. Its objective is to provide high-quality programmes for young people. Various social projects with childcare institutions and schools (e.g. socio-cultural projects) complete the diverse programme.

In addition to theatre/drama, various kinds of puppet theatre, concerts, pieces for very small children, the children´s Klangwolke and stands at a variety of events, workshops are also offered as an essential part of the annual programme. Here children can themselves work on creative expression and thus participate in cultural events, where regional and national artists, and international artists too, find a place.  

The Kinderkulturzentrum Kuddelmuddel, which was founded in 1990, and the two associations Linzer Puppentheater and the Theater des Kindes have become essential trendsetters for young audiences. They are housed in a 19th century building in downtown Linz, designed by the architect Hans Steiner.

LIVA Sport

In addition to the cultural centers, LIVA operates the TipsArena and the sports parks in Lissfeld, Auwiesen and Pichling and, as a leading institution, has a significant impact on sporting life in and around the Upper Austrian capital. 


Designed as a multifunctional arena, this sports and event complex meets all requirements. Particular emphasis is placed on flexibility and rapid change of use. The Arena allows practicing almost all kinds of sports, from athletics and indoor soccer to gymnastics or boxing, for both popular and top-class sports, club or school sports. The centerpiece is the 200m running track with 6 lanes and unique, mechanically retractable banked curves. The event hall scores with its hall size, which can be adapted to the circumstances, and, thanks to the mobile grandstands, the many seating options. Musical and comedy events as well as large pop or rock concerts with up to 10,500 visitors find their perfect setting here. With around 200,000 visitors and active athletes, the TipsArena with its typical mix of sporting and cultural events is a fixture in Linz and Upper Austria.

Sports Parks

"Open doors for all sports enthusiasts" - This is the LIVA sports park's recipe for success. In Lissfeld there is an attractive sports facility with a total area of 56,000 m², where everything revolves around ball sports - from soccer and beach volleyball to tennis and squash to baseball. Climbers also work up a sweat in the Auwiesen Sports Park. And located near the Weikerlsee recreation area, the Pichling sports park impresses with indoor soccer, tennis and a wide range of trendy sports. Around 200,000 hobby sports enthusiasts use the diverse range of activities in the sports parks every year.

In addition, the LIVA Sport team organizes the summer sports campaign Fun & Action for children and young people and is also involved in the organization of the major running event Linz Danube Marathon.

TipsArena Live-Konzert © Helmut Ploberger
Live concert in the TipsArena © Helmut Ploberger

Linz Danube Marathon

It started in 2002 with 5,000 sporting enthusiasts, and has long since grown to become Upper Austria's largest running event. With around 20,000 participants and 100,000 spectators from 80 different nations, the sevenfold Austrian „Marathon of the Year“ has in the meantime become a significant economic factor and a magnet for tourists, with thousands of overnight stays in the region every year.

The fast course – the record stands at 2:07:33, set by Alexander Kuzin (UKR) – takes the runners past some of the most beautiful sights of the city after a spectacular start in the middle of the Voest motorway bridge in the centre of Linz, and makes the Oberbank Linz Danube Marathon a favourite destination for both professional athletes and hobby sportsmen and women, who can compete once a year against the fastest runners in the world.

Despite the enormously increased size of the event the participants cherish the Linz Marathon as a running festival with heart and family feeling. The organisation team attaches great importance to individual service for single participants as well as large groups and optimal support before and during the races, resulting in excellent value for money. The Oberbank Linz Danube Marathon is AIMS certified and ranks as a five-star European Athletics Quality Road Race.


The first International Brucknerfest Linz took place in 1974, and since 1978 it has become a permanent fixture on the Austrian cultural scene, attracting numerous music lovers to the Upper Austrian capital every year.

The classical music festival named after famous composer Anton Bruckner, which takes place from 4 September (Bruckner's birthday) to 10 October (the anniversary of Bruckner's death), invites the public to get to know the music of the composer and his companions. Each year the International Brucknerfest Linz is dedicated to a different theme, the focus has already been on Bruckner's students & teachers, his opponents and his traditions.

Internationally renowned orchestras and conductors, soloists and ensembles from Austria and abroad can be experienced on the stages of the Brucknerhaus and other important sites of Anton Bruckner's work, such as the St. Florian Abbey Basilica, in the course of the International Brucknerfest Linz.


Originally, the Ars Electronica Festival, which at that time was still part of the International Bruckner Festival Linz, was only meant to be a one-off spectacular opening. Never in their dreams did those responsible in 1979 imagine that it would develop into a lasting institution. And yet, just a few years later, the Visualised Klangwolke, Europe's largest and most spectacular opera-air production in public space, has become a real Linz landmark that has so far captivated more than three million people.

As a complement to the Visualised Klangwolke, a Classical Klangwolke has also been taking place since 1985 as part of the International Brucknerfestival Linz. 

Since 1998 there has also been an annual Children's Klangwolke, for which the Donaupark at the level of the Brucknerhaus is transformed into a huge event area every year. During this time, the 'little sister' of the Visualised Klangwolke has brought more than 20 topics relevant to children to the large open-air stage.


With LIDO SOUNDS, Linz is consistently and convincingly continuing on its path towards becoming a pop culture metropolis. The LIVA venues Brucknerhaus and Posthof, together with the concert agency Arcadia Live, are setting the tone at Austria's coolest open air event with a large-scale concert programme of international calibre and density.

3 days, 2 stages, 1 completely unusual nightline, up to 40 artists on stage and more than 65,000 visitors make LIDO SOUNDS a peaceful celebration of contemporary culture once a year. On three "magical" evenings in the urban meeting place in the centre of the Upper Austrian capital Linz, there is indie, alternative, pop, soul, hip-hop and rock in the most beautiful open-air setting right on the Danube. In short: something for pretty much every taste.

"LIVA shows once again that it is an innovative force in the local cultural scene, constantly showing and finding new ways. Pop culture means emotion, communication and also urbanity. Linz has been inextricably linked to this for decades. With LIDO SOUNDS, we perfectly reflect the dynamic development of our city and have a great offer for all Linzers and far beyond." Dietmar Kerschbaum

Ahoi! Pop Summer © Tom Mesic
Ahoi! Pop Summer © Tom Mesic


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