Chouchane Siranossian © Nikolaj Lund
Sa 1 Oct 22
19:30 Main Hall Brucknerhaus Linz
Klangwolke 22
past event
past event


„I cannot speak about Bruckner any more, since words fail me when I try to express the  greatness and sublimity of his art“, wrote Richard Wetz in a letter of 1913. Nine years later, however, he published a monograph on the life and work of his guiding star, whose compositional traces he was to follow all his life.  A prime example of this is his passionate, rhapsodical violin concerto in B minor of 1932,  which at the same time followed the Lisztian principle of a single movement form incorporating the dimensions of the multiple movement sonata.  The challenging solo part is taken by the internationally celebrated French violinist Chouchane Siranossian. Wetz became acquainted with Bruckner's highly individual symphonic style partly through the „Vienna version“ of the Symphony No.1 in C minor, which, in contrast to the original „Linz version“, had existed in published form since 1893. The work, which Bruckner himself referred to affectionately as his „impudent young lass“, will be heard in this concert by Eugene Tzigane and the PKF – Prague Philharmonia in combination with Gottfried von Einem's orchestral work Bruckner Dialogue, based musically on the existing fragments of Bruckner's D minor symphony, No.9. Von Einem's work was written for the 150th birthday of the composer and had its world premiere at the inauguration of the Linz Brucknerhaus on 23rd March 1974.


Gottfried von Einem (1918–1996)

Bruckner Dialog for Orchestra, op. 39 (1974)

Richard Wetz (1875–1935)

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in B minor, op. 57 (1932)

– Interval –

Anton Bruckner (1824–1896)

Symphony  Nr. 1 in C minor, WAB 101 (1865–66, rev. 1877, 1889–91) „Wiener Fassung"


Chouchane Siranossian | Violin

PKF – Prague Philharmonia

Eugene Tzigane | Conductor