STEGREIF.orchester © Iken Keune
Tu 22 Sep 19:30
Main Hall Brucknerhaus Linz

The STEGREIF.orchestra has enjoyed great succes since 2015 with its genre-transcending programmes, which take masterpieces of the symphonic repertory as a starting-point and combine classic with jazz, world music and techno. This unorthodox artistic approach frees both the musicians and the public from their listening habits and usual patterns of thought, as well as from the rules of applause and dress codes. The exciting legacy of classical music, under the influence of a variety of musical styles, undergoes a re-interpretation of performative and visual potency. The ensemble performs without music, without a conductor and without chairs, and the freedom that this brings creates space for improvisation and movement.

#freebrahms releases the avant-garde spark slumbering in the 135-year-old bars of the 3rd Symphony of Johannes Brahms. The 30 musicians move about the stage and the auditorium with no reserve about the proximity of their music to the audience, achieving a totally new sound performance in the course of four 15-minute movements. This programme, into which excerpts of Bruckner's 4th Symphony have been specially incorporated for these appearances at the Bruckner Festival, represents the first appearance of the STEGREIF.orchestra in Linz.


Johannes Brahms (1833–1897)

Symphony No. 3 in F major, Op. 90 (1883)

Arranged and re-composed, as well as a short excerpt from Anton Bruckner's (1824–1896) Symphony No.4 in Eb major, WAB 104 (1874, rev. 1877–80) „1878/80 version“, enhanced by Alistair Duncan (* 1991), Wolf Kerschek (* 1969) and Juri de Marco [BHP] (* 1993).



Ela Baumann | Choreography

Viola Schmitzer | Room concept

Juri de Marco | Overall artistic director

WED| 23rd  SEP | 11 a.m. | Educational concert in the series AN.TON.HÖREN | Single price: € 10,–

Awaking enthusiasm for classical music among children, teenagers and young adults, helping audiences to overcome their fear of the new, promoting access to cultural events for all social classes – these are core issues for the Linz Brucknerhaus. The series AN.TON.HÖREN provides new insights into the world of music by means of unusual concert projects and communication programmes.