Dominik Fischer © Denis Yulov
Su 4 Sep 22
18:00 Parish Church Ansfelden
"Happy Birthday Anton!"
past event
past event

Bruckner´s Birthday Concert in Ansfelden

Anton Bruckner, who thought of himself primarily as a symphonic composer, paid little attention to chamber music. But with the String Quintet in F major of 1879, his only work in the genre to have been published in his lifetime, he created an undeniable masterpiece.

The huge discrepancy between the naive outward appearance of the composer and the uncompromisong modernity of the work is why Max Kalbeck, who later wrote a biography of  Brahms, went so far as to issue this warning: „Yes, Bruckner is by far the most dangerous of the musical innovators of the day“. Heinrich Kaminski provoked similar reactions when he produced his first major work - a string quintet in F# minor - twenty years after the death of Bruckner. On the one hand he was praised as a genius, the legitimate heir of Bruckner who would „open up the view into a new world“; on the other hand he provoked this verdict from the critic Paul Ernst in view of the tonal language of this monumental work: „He is one of the strangest products of our time“. On the occasion of Bruckner's 198th birthday the casalQuartett, augmented by the exceptional viola player Dominik Fischer , demonstrate this astounding musical affinity with a performance in Bruckner's home town of Ansfelden.


A. Bruckner (1824–1896)

String Quartet in F major, WAB 112 (1878–79)

– Interval–

Heinrich Kaminski (1886–1946) 

String Quintet in  F# minor (1916, rev. 1927)


Dominik Fischer  | Viola


Felix Froschhammer | Violin

Rachel Späth | Violin

Markus Fleck | Viola

Sebastian Braun | Cello

Concert introduction

For concert visitors there will be a concert introduction by Jan David Schmitz, head of program planning, dramaturgy and scenic projects, at 5:00 pm (free admission).