Kasperl und die Orgelpfeifen © Kuddelmuddel
Th 14. Mar 24
10:00 Main Hall Brucknerhaus Linz
Kasperl and the
organ pipes
past event
past event

Kasperl and the organ pipes

A puppet theatre about the Brucknerhaus organ for everyone aged 4 and over

The centrepiece of the Great Hall in the Brucknerhaus Linz is undoubtedly the imposing organ, which sits enthroned at the back of the stage. And this is where a very special Punch and Judy show for families and children aged 4 and over is performed. Both the stage and the organ become the venue. An exciting adventure awaits Punch and Judy, who has to find three organ pipes that have escaped. The three have decided that they no longer want to stay in the dark organ case and set off to seek their fortune in the big, wide world. But Anton Bruckner's ghost still wants to play his organ at night and needs all the organ pipes to do so. Punch has to help him! Together with the audience sitting on the stage, will he succeed in bringing the three runaways back?

Further performances:

THU | 14 MARCH | 10:00

THU | 14 MARCH | 15:00

WED | 15 MAY | 10:00

WED | 15 MAY | 15:00

WED | 12 JUNE | 10:00

SA | 26 OCT | 10:30

WED | 30 OCT | 15:00


Kasperl and the organ pipes.
A puppet theatre about the Brucknerhaus organ (2023-24)


Caroline Atschreiter | Organ

Gerti Tröbinger, Maximilian Tröbinger | Story, puppetry & direction

Gerti Tröbinger | Equipment & puppet making