Lise de la Salle © Stéphane Gallois
Tu 26. Sep 23
19:30 Middle Hall Brucknerhaus Linz
Lise de la Salle &
Quatuor Hermès
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past event

Music of the Muses

Behind the dedication of a musical work can be a multitude of different reasons. Often these are of a purely pragmatic nature, for example when the names of influential patrons appear on the endpapers of the score. Sometimes there are also quite practical considerations, for example when pieces are composed for certain performers and dedicated to them. A special form of dedication, on the other hand, is that which addresses the muse, the ideal figure behind the creative process. Such works put star pianist Lise de la Salle and the world-renowned Quatuor Hermès at the center of their concert. A selection from the Five Pieces in the Old Style and the Piano Quintet in E-flat Major by Alexis de Castillon, both of which the latter dedicated to his close pianist friend Françoise d'Angosse, at whose chateau he spent most of the winter months, are juxtaposed with works by Clara and Robert Schumann. Clara Schumann dedicated her Three Romances to her later husband, Robert Schumann, on the other hand, assigned his famous Piano Quintet in E-flat Major to his wife, which in turn served as a model for Castillon's Quintet, who is not considered the "French Schumann" for nothing.


Alexis de Castillon (1838–1873) 

From Cinq pièces dans le style ancien pour piano, op. 9 (c. 1868)

No. 2 Sicilienne (Molto lento espressivo) in D minor

No. 3 Sarabande (Maestoso) in D minor

No. 4 Air (Andantino) D major

Piano Quintet in E flat major, op. 1 (1863-64)

– Break –

Clara Schumann (1819–1896)

Trois Romances pour le piano, op. 11 (1838–39)

Robert Schumann (1810–1856)

Piano Quintet in E flat major, op. 44 (1842)


Lise de la Salle | Piano

Quatuor Hermès 

Omer Bouchez | Violin

Elise Liu | Violin

Lou Yung-Hsin Chang | Viola

Yan Levionnois | Violoncello