Quatuor Diotima © François Rousseau
Sa 4 Sep 19:30
Parish Church Ansfelden
Quatuor Diotima
past event
past event

String Quartets by Anton Bruckner and Friedrich Klose

For the fourth time in succession the International Bruckner Festival Linz comes to the parish church in Ansfelden, next door to the parental home of Anton Bruckner, for a concert on Bruckner's birthday, September 4th.  His 197th birthday is dedicated to the supreme discipline of chamber music: the string quartet.

The renowned Quatuor Diotima will play the great symphonist Bruckner's single completed contribution to the genre, the String Quartet in C minor composed during a period of study with the Linz theatre conductor Otto Kitzler, including the „Rondo in größerer Form“ , the alternative final movement added to the score a few days later. In addition they perform a veritable rarity: the Theme with Variations in Eb major which was also sketched in the so-called Kitzler study book.

A further Brucknerhaus premiere is the monumental string quartet in Eb major by Bruckner's student Friedrich Klose, completed in 1911. Confirming the accolade of his teacher who described him as having „a theoretical mastery (….) that few others possess“, Klose creates in this work a virtuoso panorama of motifs and themes, commenting himself on this masterful structure in the mischievous subtitle: „a tribute in four instalments paid to his rigorous German schoolmaster“.


Anton. Bruckner (1824–1896)

Theme and Variations in  Eb major for String Quartet, WAB 210 (1862)

String Quartet in C minor, WAB 111 (1862)

Rondo in C minor for String Quartet, WAB 208 (1862)

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Friedrich  Klose (1862–1942)

String Quartet in Eb major (1908–11)


Quatuor Diotima 

Yun-Peng Zhao | Violin

Constance Ronzatti | Violin

Franck Chevalier | Viola

Pierre Morlet | Cello