Freundschaftskonzert Marmorsaal © Sound Waves Linz
Fr 9. Jun 23
17:00 Marble Hall Stift St. Florian
Sound Waves
Linz 2023
past event
past event

The first INTERKULTUR International Choir Competition in Budapest, held in 1988, was the start of one of the largest and most successful series of cultural events in Europe. The INTERKULTUR Event Series has meanwhile become known throughout the world for its high artistic and organizational standards and as a concept for the choirs and choir enthusiasts worldwide. These events are organized by INTERKULTUR, a non-profit organization based in Germany.

INTERKULTUR has become the symbol for a unique artistic idea, consisting of a new interpretation concerning the execution of choir festivals. In comparison to traditional meritorious choir competitions that only invite international elite choirs to take part; the INTERKULTUR competitions are open to all non-professional choirs. Choirs from all over the world, interested in gaining international festival and competition experience, can compete according to their level of artistic achievement. The Artistic Committee puts emphasis on the presence of the highest level of choral performers as well as on the presence of the greatest diversity of choirs in all competitions. 

This festival has become an essential activity in INTERKULTUR’s event calendar. Since the first World Choir Games in 2000, choirs from all over the world meet in the city of Linz in Upper Austria and celebrate the international choral festival with plenty of singing dedicated to Anton Bruckner. The wonderful hospitality of the city of Linz has been a tradition in the choral world for many years with the International Anton Bruckner Choir Competition, and after seven successful events it was now time to give this renowned competition a new face. From June 7 to 11, 2023, choral singers from all over the world will come together for the "Sound Waves Linz" choral competition and festival.

More information about INTERKULTUR can be found on the official website:


Vox Blis (Türkei / Türkiye)

Kamerkoor Sjanton (Niederlande / Netherlands)

Torun Music School Children Choir "Gioia di Cantare" (Polen / Poland)

Vocale Sängerkranz Watzenborn-Steinberg (Deutschland / Germany)