Astrid Esslinger-Ausschnitt © Otto Saxinger
Sa 9 Oct 18:30
The Opening of the Exhibition
„Ich bin hinausgegangen“ –
Portrait of a Linz composer
past event
past event

Mathilde Kralik of Meyrswalden, born in Linz in 1857, was one of the very few successful female composers of her time. Her musical talent was recognized and encouraged when she was only a girl. After her family moved to Vienna she received private tuition with Anton Bruckner and then studied in the same class as Gustav Mahler at the Conservatory of the Society of the Friends of Music (Konservatorium der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde). She lived and worked in Vienna until her death in 1944. The International Bruckner Festival Linz 2021 has chosen this remarkable composer as the subject of this year's exhibition, created by the Linz artist Astrid Esslinger, which also focusses the spotlight on historical, social and societal questions. The exhibition is set up in co-operation with TONALi Tour, a project that has been honoured with an Echo Klassik for youth development among other awards. This project has the goal of providing basic skills in event and culture management. Young people from three schools in Linz actively help to design and organize both the exhibition and the concert on October 9 th and so gain new and genuine insights into classical music.


Mathilde Kralik von Meyrswalden (1857–1944)

Rhapsody in F minor for Piano


Medeea Teodora Iftimie | Piano

With the music classes of the Adalbert Stifter Grammar School,
the Federal Grammar School in Hamerling Street Linz,
and the Dr.-Ernst-Koref-Schule which is the Music Secondary School 22 Linz.