Der merkwürdige Herr Bruckner © Pilstl
Tu 6. Feb 24
10:30 Middle Hall Brucknerhaus Linz
The strange
Mr Bruckner
past event
past event

The Strange Mr Bruckner

A puppet theatre play about the life of Anton Bruckner with live music
for ages 10 and up

Anton Bruckner, the famous, modest composer, musician and teacher: what was it that made this man, who always persevered despite numerous failures and hard trials? Where did he find the strength to follow his idea of inventing great music? What did loneliness do to him? Der merkwürdige Herr Bruckner (The Strange Mr. Bruckner) is a musical and lively puppet theatre play full of oddities and surprises. Two actresses and a string quartet go in search of clues together, uncover many a little secret and dare to find answers.


die exen

Dorothee Carls, Annika Pilstl | Puppetry

Spring String Quartet

Christian Wirth | Violin

Marcus Wall | Violin

Julian Gillesberger | Viola

Stephan Punderlitschek | Violoncello

Philipp Plessmann | Composition

Peter Lutz | Puppet design

Hans-Jochen Menzel | Direction