HelgaTraxler © J. Hackl
Tu 20 Sep 18:00
of the exhibition
by Helga Traxler
past event
past event

The artist Helga Traxler was born in Freistadt in Upper Austria, and after studying at the Linz Art University became a sought-after New York photographer. In the portraits she has made specially for this exhibition her theme is the situation of young artists, and she simultaneously explores the antitheses represented by the independent artistic scene and regular paid work. What routes can artists nowadays find to pursue their passion? What role is played by mutual support and which networks can be trusted? What is the relationship between artistic and financial esteem? How has the concept of work developed, particularly with regard to artistic creativity? In an examination of these and similar questions young musicians can take the stage and the opportunity to share their experiences with a wider public.  Critical reflection on one's own artistic activity, trusting in one's own talents and drawing boundaries between oneself and others are themes which reveal surprising parallels to the life and work of Anton Bruckner. This is why personal statements by the portrayed subjects can provide information about the significance of this great composer to contemporary musicians.


Helga Traxler | Photographer