Waltraud Meier © Nomi Baumgartl
We 22 Sep 19:30
Main Hall Brucknerhaus Linz
Waltraud Meier & Sir Antonio Pappano
past event
past event

Song recital

In his Memories of Anton Bruckner the privately-taught Bruckner pupil Friedrich Eckstein remarks on Bruckner's love of song: „Once we were travelling by sleigh in deep snow and fierce cold amid a violent blizzard, squeezed tightly together in fur coats. As we glided past the last houses of Heiligenstadt a crow with its wings widely spread flew low over us and crossed our path. Immediately Bruckner, leaning over towards me, sang the beginning of Schubert's immortal song: 'Eine Krähe war mit mir aus der Stadt gezogen' softly in my ear in a mournful voice'.

While from Bruckner himself and also from his conservatory pupil Hans Rott, who died at the early age of 25,  only  a handful of songs exist, Gustav Mahler and Hugo Wolf, two ardent Bruckner-supporters, are among the greatest Lied composers of the turn of the century. In this concert, a fascinating juxtaposition of widely-contrasting compositions shared with Günther Groissböck, the star singer Waltraud Meier celebrates her late but all the more exciting début at the Brucknerhaus, for which the prominent conductor Sir Antonio Pappano lays down his baton and takes a seat at the piano.


Hugo Wolf (1860–1903)

Drei Gedichte von Michelangelo (1897)

Hans Rott (1858–1884)

Three Songs based on poems by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1876–80)

Anton Bruckner (1824–1896)

Drei ausgewählte Lieder (Three Selected Songs) (1864–68)

Hugo Wolf

Selected songs:  settings of  poems  by  Eduard Mörike (1888)

– Break –

Gustav Mahler (1860–1911)

Selected songs, to texts from the collection  Des Knaben Wunderhorn (1888–1901)


Waltraud Meier | Mezzo soprano

Günther Groissböck | Bass

Sir Antonio Pappano | Piano