Su 8 Sep 14:30
Danube Park Linz
170 Years
Sparkasse OÖ
Children's Klangwolke 2019
past event
past event

For more than 20 years now the Danube park by the Brucknerhaus has been transformed every year into a gigantic event space for the Children's Klangwolke. Here families with their children can relish the relaxed atmosphere and have a great time together in the enjoyment of culture.

Even the smallest children can of course enjoy a relaxed interaction with this open-air cultural event. The Children's Klangwolke is a delight for all those interested in culture, as it is open to every visitor, regardless of age, social status or land of origin.  An impressive surge of visitors to the Children's Klangwolke is always guaranteed, even in bad weather.

The children's cultural centre Kuddelmuddel is already working with creative, highly-motivated artists and team colleagues to make sure that the Children's Klangwolke 2019 with its wide-ranging fringe events is as exciting as ever. Children are not only a part of the audience at the Children's Klangwolke, but also delight the visitors as actors and players on stage – a tradition which has produced many highlights in the past, and will continue in 2019.