Anton Bruckner: Traum Und Albtraum © Huber-Wien
Th 27 Jun 24
19:30 Main Hall Brucknerhaus Linz
Anton Bruckner:
Dream and Nightmare

A contribution by the Music School of the City of Linz to the Bruckner Year 2024

Anton Bruckner does not usually play a prominent role in the everyday life of music schools, because his compositions are difficult to teach and perform due to their complexity. The Music School of the City of Linz, however, wants to take the Bruckner Year as an opportunity to enable young musicians and the public to approach the work of the great Upper Austrian composer in an unusual way.

Five renowned composers will be invited to write a commissioned work of a maximum of ten minutes, which on the one hand deals with Bruckner's musical heritage (without necessarily using Bruckner motifs) and on the other hand is tailor-made for young, aspiring soloists from the ranks of the students of the Music School of the City of Linz and its symphonic orchestra. In this way, a musical narrative thread is created that - especially for all those who have so far paid little attention to his music - appropriately brings Anton Bruckner into focus and at the same time addresses the necessity and importance of the constant, contemporary development of musical language.


A concert evening by the Music School of the City of Linz with five world premieres of commissioned compositions for solo instrument and orchestra by

Kurt Schwertsik (* 1935)

Concerto for bassoon and orchestra (2023-24)  [world premiere]

Otto Lechner (* 1964)

Concerto for accordion and orchestra (2023-24) [world premiere]

Johanna Doderer (* 1969)

Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra (2023-24)  [world premiere]

Julia Lacherstorfer (* 1985)

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (2023-24)  [world premiere]

Tanja Elisa Glinsner (* 1995)

Concerto for organ and orchestra (2023-24)  [world premiere]


Simeon Körber | Bassoon

Samuel Lonsing | Accordion

F. Xaver Gumpenberger | Saxophone

Ida Gillesberger | Violin

Riccarda Fuchs | Organ

Symphonic Orchestra of the Music School of the City of Linz

Ingo Ingensand | conductor

The project takes place under the patronage of Dennis Russell Davies.