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Su 12 Sep 14:30
Danube Park Linz
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past event

"The Tide of Courage"

More than a year of the pandemic has affected us all - especially the children, from whom a high degree of flexibility has been demanded and enormous trust assumed. With the Children's Soundcloud 2021 on 12 September at 2:30 pm in Donaupark Linz, we want to celebrate life and celebrate courage.
Because courage is so often needed to make dreams come true, to experience flights of fancy together and to get up again after a turbulent nosedive. We want to celebrate together at the Children's Sound Cloud and dance together on the tide of courage from family island to family island - carried by music.

"Courage! This is the magic word of the Kinderklangwolke 2021. Children suffered particularly badly during the corona pandemic. The social contacts with peers that are so important for their development were reduced to a minimum or could only be lived digitally. That is over now. At the Kinderklangwolke 2021, they can happily surf on a 'tide of courage' in our analogue world, enjoy life in all its varieties, sing and dance together and live out their imagination. I would like to thank our sponsors, the Sparkasse OÖ and LINZ AG, who contribute with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment so that children's eyes can shine and children's hearts can once again take courage to plunge joyfully into life." (Artistic Director of LIVA Dietmar Kerschbaum)


"The Tide of Courage"

Suli Puschban and the Kapelle der guten Hoffnung

"The Tide of Courage" | Suli Puschban and the Kapelle der guten Hoffnung

Sunday, 12 September 2021
2:30 pm to 5 pm
4 p.m.: Family concert "The tide of courage".
Donaupark (height Brucknerhaus)

Suli Puschban © Anja Mey
Kapelle der guten Hoffnung © Anja Mey