Kinderklangwolke 22
Su 11 Sep 14:30
Danube Park Linz
for Children 22
past event
past event

Last year Die Flut aus Mut (The tide of valour) was received with enthusiasm by many families who had made their way to the sun-drenched Danube Park. The Kinderklangwolke 21  (Children's Cloud of Sound) celebrated life, and provided comfort and motivation to face the challenges of the future unflinchingly; for the Corona pandemic demands a high degree of flexibility not only from adults but also from children. With her „band of good hope“ the Berlin singer-songwriter Suli Puschban invited the audience to sing, dance and celebrate with her in front of the great open-air stage.

Since 1998 the children's cultural centre Kuddelmuddel has succeeded not only in fascinating and enchanting children anew every year, but also in taking them seriously as spectators and actively involving them in the Kinderklangwolke, whether as dancers, musicians, presenters or lyricists.

This year too the children will romp about in the informal atmosphere of the Danube Park by the Linz Brucknerhaus, and immerse themselves in a diverse musical and cultural experience with family members of all generations. The experience is enriched by a variety of food and  drinks on offer, and the many participatory opportunities make this a popular family event in Linz.