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Su 5. Sep 21
18:00 City Centre Linz
Rewriting Rott
past event
past event

A daily walk with short concerts at "Bruckner places" in the Linz city centre

From 5th to 10th September the International Bruckner Festival Linz 2021 invites you to a daily walk following Bruckner's footsteps through the city centre of Linz. At seven „Bruckner sites“ there will be short concerts to accompany the walk consisting of new works by composition students of the Anton Bruckner Private University, who have taken the studies, sketches and drafts of the Bruckner student Hans Rott as a starting point and extended them creatively in their own independent style: in front of the former „Präparandie“ in Hofgasse 23, where Bruckner completed his training as an assistant schoolmaster in 1840/41; on the back balcony of the monastery house of St. Florian, Landstrasse 22;  in front of the house, Pfarrgasse 7, where he lived in the weeks following his move to Linz at the  end of 1855; in the City Parish Church and the Old Cathedral with the famous Bruckner organ – the two houses of God where he carried out his duties as cathedral and city parish organist; in the Redoutensaal, Promenade 39, where he gave many concerts with the Liedertafel (men's choral society) „Frohsinn“, and where his Symphony No. 1 in C minor celebrated its premiere on 9th May, 1868; and finally in the votive chapel of the New Cathedral of St. Mary,  where his Mass in E minor (No. 2) was first performed on the occasion of the consecration of the cathedral on 29th September, 1869.

Following the walks with short concerts on 6th to 10th September there will be a Jazz Lounge daily (free admission) in the Hotel Wolfinger, Hauptplatz 19. Jazz numbers by composition students - also based on Rott fragments – are on the programme.

The meeting point for the musical walks, which take place in all weathers, is always at 5:45 pm at the side entrance to the Old Cathedral (Domgasse 3s).

The starting times given for the performance of the works are to be understood as approximate and serve only as a rough guide to the sequence of the short concerts. Those who wish to go specifically to individual stations on the city tour to hear selected pieces should therefore be there a few minutes before the stated time.


Neue Werke von

Maria  Perez Diez (* 1996)

Jorge Villoslada Durán (* 1997)

Leo Feichtinger (* 1999)

Jadwiga Frej (* 1997)

Tina Geroldinger (* 2000)

Dominik Leitner (* 1991)

KamranMoharramzadeh (* 1982)

Michael Mikolasek (* 1973)

Ralph Mothwurf (* 1988)

Marie Nečasová (* 1997)

Åsmund Perssønn Ødegaard (* 1996)

Alireza Shahabolmolkfard (* 1991)

Moldir Slyamova (* 1999)

Your way through Linz city centre

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