Bamberger Symphoniker © Andreas Herzau
We 29. Sep 21
11:00 Main Hall Brucknerhaus Linz
past event
past event

The „Begründer der neuen Symphonie“  „Founder of the New Symphony“ in the  An.Ton.Hören Schulkonzert

Taught and encouraged by Anton Bruckner, admired by Gustav Mahler, discredited by Johannes Brahms – Hans Rott, born at the gates of Vienna in 1858, made an enormous impression in Austria's imperial city during the few years of his creative life. Even the student works he composed at the Vienna Conservatory testify to his  exceptional talent; his fellow student Mahler later went so far as to call him the „originator of the new symphony“. Yet under the pressure of having to prove himself in the musical life of the metropolis he became ill with „insanity“ and „hallucinatory persecution complex“, dying in 1884 at the age of only 25 in the Lower Austrian mental hospital. He fell into oblivion until his works were rediscoverd in the 1990's.

The short, tragic life of Hans Rott, his musical vision and the enthralling background to the reception of his compositions are at the focus of this concert in the series An.Ton.Hören Schulkonzerte. Rott's Symphony No. 1 in E major, which he began to write at the age of just 20 years, is performed by the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra under their principal conductor Jakub Hrůša, who also explains his own view of this masterpiece.


Hans Rott (1858–1884)

Symphony (Nr. 1) in E major (1878–80)


Bamberger Symphoniker

Jakub Hrůša | Conductor