KW21 © Herzenberger /montage4
Sa 10 Sep 20:30
Danube Park Linz
Linzer Klangwolke 22

The Linz Klangwolke (Cloud of Sound) 21 featured Panta Rhei, a sensational synthesis of the arts with a cineastic soundtrack. Star filmmaker Robert Dornhelm directed the visually stunning event together with co-director Christoph Engel, and the music was composed by  Roman Kariolou. Flying cellists, an outsize harp and numerous other attractions amazed the audience, who were fortunately able to enjoy the experience live once again. All the action took place either on the banks of the Danube or on the river itself, perfectly appropriate to the motto: „Everything flows“. The traditional firework display at the end was replaced for the first time by an equally lavish and breathtaking laser show, which transformed the entire Danube park into a magical theatre set.

40,000 spectators were there in person, and a further 50,000 who didn't want to miss the event were connected to it by livestream, making a total of 3.4 million people who had visited this charismatic large-scale event of international importance since the first Linz Klangwolke in 1979. And this year too it will be exciting for the fans of this unique open-air spectacle to see what an enthralling and exhilarating Klangwolke awaits them.